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LATEST UPDATE: The murder conspirators didn't seem to allow for the fact that the victim's 12-year-old son would one day become a man! It happened in Crestview, Florida.....The Sheriff Ray Wilson Story

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It is not the intention of this website to present the South as defined by the Civil War, but to describe ten states that are parts of the South. The Civil War played a huge part in the history of the entire region and cannot be ignored when discussing the South, but here our objective is to show interesting things in the South that may or may not include Civil War activity. The states covered by this site are shown in the left column.

Click on the state of your choice and learn some very interesting things, such as:

Mardi Gras originated in Mobile, Alabama.

Murfreesboro, Arkansas is the only city in the US that has a state-owned diamond mine that is open to the public.

Pensacola, Florida was the first Spanish settlement in what would eventually become the United States. The settlement was established in 1559 and destroyed 5 times before surviving in its current location.

The first gold nugget found in the US was in North Carolina. It weighed 17 pounds!

There's a beautiful petrified forest in Flora, Mississippi

One thousand four hundred year old Angel Oak is still alive and growing on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina.

Near Morganton, North Carolina, the Brown Mountain Lights have been seen for centuries, but never scientifically explained.

Ma Barker and her son, Freddie, died during a four-hour gunbattle with the FBI near Ocklawaha, Florida.

The house in which Elvis Presley was born is still standing in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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Pensacola, Florida/Burnet, Texas
Smoky Mountains in North Carolina/
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Miniature Horse in Texas/
Cemetery in ghosttown Cahaba, Alabama
South Alabama Dirt Road/
Blakeley State Park, Alabama
Remains of Old Brewery, LaGrange, Texas/
Magnolias in Mississippi