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Melissa Smith
Nancy Wilcox
Laura Aime
Carol DaRonch
Debra Kent

On September 6, 1974 two hunters found the skeletal remains of two persons near a service road in Issaquah, Washington, only two miles east of Lake Sammamish State Park. These were the remains of Janice Anne Ott and Denise Naslund, who had been abducted at Lake Sammamish State Park. Investigators later found an extra femur and several extra vertebrae, indicating that more bodies had been buried there. The femur and vertebrae were later identified as belonging to Georgeann Hawkins.

In March of 1975 four skulls and mandibles were found on Taylor Mountain, located east of Issaquah, Washington. These were later identified as belonging to Lynda Ann Healy, Susan Elaine Rancourt, Roberta Kathleen Parks and Brenda Carol Ball. All showed signs of extensive injury from a blunt instrument. Taylor Mountain was one of Ted Bundy’s favorite hiking areas.

Shortly after Ted arrived in Utah, a crime spree began there. On September 2, 1974, an unidentified hiker was raped and strangled to death in nearby Idaho. He later stated that he returned to the area the following day to dismember the corpse and photograph it!

On October 2, 1974, sixteen-year-old Nancy Wilcox was abducted in the Salt Lake City
suburb of Holladay. She was dragged into a wooded area, raped and strangled to death. Her body was reportedly taken 200 miles south of Holladay to Capital Reef National Park. Her remains have never been found.

Seventeen-year-old Melissa Smith, the daughter of the Midvale, Utah police chief disappeared on October 18, after leaving a pizza parlor. On October 27, 1974, he nude body was found. An examination of the corpse indicated that she may have been alive for up to seven days after having been abducted. She had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled with nylon stockings.

Shortly after midnight on October 31, 1974, seventeen-year-old Laura Ann Aime disappeared about twenty-five miles south of Lehi, Utah after leaving a café. Her nude body was found by hikers on Thanksgiving Day about nine miles northeast of American Fork Canyon. She had been brutalized in the same manner as Melissa Smith.

Bundy, while in custody, stated that he had re-visited the bodies of Melissa Smith and Laura Aime. While there, he shampooed the hair of each corpse and applied makeup!

It was raining in Murray, Utah that November evening in 1974 when Officer Roseland of the Murray Police Department approached eighteen-year-old telephone operator, Carol DaRonch, explaining to her that someone had tried to break into her car. This occurred at a shopping mall only about a mile from the Midvale restaurant where Melissa Smith was last seen alive the previous month. He asked Carol to come with him to the police station in order to file a complaint. She agreed. Carol soon realized that Officer Roseland was not driving in the direction of the police station. When Carol questioned this, he stopped the car and attempted to handcuff her. Lucky for her, in the struggle that followed, he had locked both ends of the handcuffs to the same wrist. She opened the car door and fled. Officer Roseland was in fact, Ted Bundy!

Later that evening, seventeen-year-old Debra Kent disappeared after attending a drama presentation at her high school, Viewmont High School in Bountiful, Utah. A drama teacher and several students described a stranger to the police. He had been seen in the parking lot earlier and then later at the rear of the auditorium. Near the auditorium, investigators found a key the fit the handcuffs that were taken off Carol DaRonch!

In this same month, November, 1974, Elizabeth Kloepfer, who was still in touch with Bundy, became aware of the missing girls in the Salt Lake City area. For a second time, she called the King County, Washington authorities expressing her concerns again. Detective Randy Hergesheimer decided to talk with her in greater detail. By this time, Bundy was being considered a serious suspect, though the evidence against him was still weak. One eye witness could not identify his photograph.

In December, 1974, Elizabeth Kloepfer contacted the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and told them of her concerns and suspicions. Again, there was not enough evidence to link Ted Bundy with the disappearances of the young girls in Utah. However, his name was put on their list of suspects.

Following final exams, Bundy returned to Seattle to spend a week with Elizabeth Kloepfer in January of 1975. She didn’t dare tell him that she had already reported him three times to the authorities. During this visit, she made plans to visit him in Salt Lake City in August.