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Caryn Campbell
Denise Oliverson
Lynette Culver
Susan Curtis
  After he returned to Salt Lake City, Bundy started venturing eastward, to Colorado in pursuit of prey. On January 12, 1975, twenty-three-year-old registered nurse, Caryn Campbell disappeared from a hallway near her room at the Wildwood Inn in Snowmass, Colorado. A month later, her body was found near a dirt road just outside the town. She had been brutally beaten and murdered by blows to her head with a blunt instrument.

On March 15, 1975, twenty-six-year-old Julie Cunningham, a Vail ski instructor left her apartment and was walking to meet a friend for dinner when she was approached by a nice looking man on crutches, asking her to help him carry his ski boots to his car. The man of course, was Ted Bundy. He clubbed her and handcuffed her, then drove her 90 miles to a remote location near Rifle, Colorado. He sexually assaulted her, strangled her to death and disposed of the body at that location. Several weeks later, he returned to the site to visit the remains!

In Grand Junction, Colorado on April 6, 1975, twenty-five-year-old Denise Oliverson was abducted while riding her bicycle to her parents’ home. Her bicycle and sandals were found near a railroad bridge. According to a confession made later, Bundy threw her body into the Colorado River, though it has never been found.

In Pocatello, Idaho, on May 6, 1975, twelve-year-old Lynette Culver was lured from Alameda Junior High School by a stranger. She was taken to a motel room, drowned and then sexually assaulted. Later, according to a confession by Bundy, he then threw her body into a river, possibly the Snake River. Her remains were never found.

A week or so following the disappearance of Lynette Culver, Elizabeth Kloepfer and one of his former co-workers, Carole Ann Boone spent a week in Salt Lake City visiting Ted Bundy. Elizabeth Kloepfer continued to remain quiet about her discussions with authorities in King County, Washington and Salt Lake City, Utah. Ted Bundy didn’t tell her about his ongoing affairs with Carole Ann Boone and a Utah law student!

Fifteen-year-old Susan Curtis went missing on June 28, 1975 from a youth conference at the Provo, Utah campus of Brigham Young University. Only minutes before he was executed did Ted Bundy admit, on tape, that he had murdered her. According to Bundy, he buried her body near Price, Utah. Her body has never been found.

In August of 1975, a Utah Highway Patrolman in Granger, Utah tried to stop a tan Volkswagen for a minor traffic violation. The driver tried to get away by turning off his headlights and running through stop signs. Finally, he stopped. The patrolman searched his vehicle and found that the front passengers seat had been removed from the car. Additionally, he found handcuffs, a ski mask, a crowbar, an ice pick, a rope, a mask made from panty hose and other items normally associated with burglary. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Salt Lake City detective, Jerry Thompson began to piece things together. He remembered the description given by Carol DaRonch and the man who posed as “Officer Roseland.” He also remembered that “Officer Roseland” drove a tan Volkswagen. He remembered the lady, Elizabeth Kloepfer, who had contacted him in December, 1974, regarding her suspicions about her boyfriend, Theodore Bundy!

Police searched Bundy’s apartment and found a guide to Colorado ski resorts, which had a checkmark next to the Wildwood Inn, where Caryn Campbell had vanished on January 12, 1975. In his apartment was found a brochure, advertising the play presented by Viewmont High School in Bountiful, Utah, where Debra Kent had disappeared in November, 1974. Due to insufficient evidence, Bundy was released on his own recognizance. However, Bundy was placed under 24-hour surveillance.

According to a later confession by Bundy, the police who searched his apartment missed a collection of photographs he had made of some of his victims. These were supposedly hidden in the utility room.

Several detectives, including Jerry Thompson, flew to Seattle to interview Elizabeth Kloepfer. She explained that some unusual things had been found in her house and Bundy’s apartment, such as a set of crutches, a bag of plaster of Paris, surgical gloves, a meat clever and women’s clothing. The detectives finally confirmed that she had not been with Bundy at the times he had committed the suspected crimes.

Upon the detectives’ return to Salt Lake City, Carol DaRonch picked Bundy out of a lineup. He was then charged with attempted kidnapping. At this point, the authorities felt they had the man responsible for the murders in Washington, Oregon, Utah and Colorado, but there was still not enough evidence to positively tie him to those crimes. The investigation continued with cooperation between authorities in the locations concerned.